Fruit Ninja 5th Anniversary – 1 Billion Downloads

So recently I have started sorting through some of the projects I worked on in my time working at Halfbrick Studios to update my website and with all the recent talk of the new Fruit Ninja Fight game online (which has been in extended beta for over a year now) it made me reflect on other projects which I felt were some of my proudest work. Namely the Fruit Ninja 5th Anniversary Update (which sadly has been removed since this posting and can only be seen in videos on YouTube – see video below).

Everything from the loading screens, full menu flow and GUI were updated. We added a whole new tournament mode, about ten new mini-game modes, unlock-able items, a whole new premium currency for the event (golden apples) and an elite golden blade you could unlock during the event. The update marked the 1 billionth download of the game and also marked the end of my time working on the Fruit Ninja original mobile game. It took us little under 6 months to complete and launch. A little known fact, when you are in what developers call Live-Ops production is that every update or event you roll out, it gets over-written by the next update and in the case of events, such as this, removed all-together. We also worked on events for Ghostbusters, The Book of Life, TMNT, Kung Fu Panda 3 and also a Back to the Future event for Jetpack Joyride, all since removed from the apps. I will share these in the coming weeks.

Note: I did do some small art assists on the recent FN Fight (namely a new Fruit Ninja typeface family which I shall post) however the art duties by that stage had been taken over by 2 very talented artists I helped mentor in my time, Laura and Gemma who carry the torch on the new project to this day. I look forward to its full launch soon and miss working alongside such lovely people.  But like George Harrison sung “all things must pass.”

RIP Fruit Ninja 5th Anniversary Update

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