Interview with Toowoomba Times

So I was recently interviewed for the Toowoomba Times, coinciding with an appearance at the Toowoomba Comic Con hosted by Toowoomba Regional Libraries. Special thanks to Angela for making it all happen!

It was a great event and I look forward to it again later this year.

You can read the interview here:


A few years ago I had the rather good fortune to work on a small indie game which was hugely successful. Mini Motor Racing took the mobile scene by storm and won the highly coveted Apple AppStore Casual Game of the Year award along with a number of GDC art awards at each show. On the back of this success we pitched a cross promo with Team Fortress 2 and Portal 2 to Valve for our then upcoming Steam release of Mini Motor EVO… and to our surprise they loved the idea and the rest, as they say, is history. So below are the two track concepts I pitched, along with the truck from Team Fortress 2 which I concepted and modelled.

I often tell people; you never know what will happen if you just run with an idea and give it your best shot. What have you got to lose?





Adelaide Showgrounds – This Weekend!

I will be hosting a masterclass at Supanova Adelaide this weekend, for those attending. It will be on the Imagineer’s Playground stage at 4:30-5:30 and will cover all things from colour basics, to more advanced techniques. A good chance for anyone interested in colour to learn some tricks and ask some questions. Really looking forward to finally sharing this with everyone finally!

For those who cannot attend copies of the book Understanding Colour by Adam Nichols are still available. PM me for details.


So it’s been a little over 6 months since joining the awesome folks at Halfbrick Studios. In that time I have been most privileged to work alongside some extremely talented and inspiring people. It is with extreme honour that I can finally announced some new work I have been involved with on the all-time classic Fruit Ninja. Most recently we overhauled the UI/UX and added a heap of new gameplay features such as the blades and dojos, which was extremely well received by new and old fans alike. We followed up the 2.0 update with something I grew up with.

It has also marked 10 years since both starting in games as well as one of my first official professional published work in comics (on Ghostbusters Legion TPB).

May I present Fruit Ninja – The Ghostbusters Update!